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When we had gathered I’d heard told

Dad wished for a daughter to mold.

He planned to name her Sue”, Mom said.

She blessed him with a son instead.

So named, Terrance, was baby boy,

Terry, for short, his Momma’s joy.

And time passed”, Mom went on to say,

but love did not, to my dismay.”

He wanted a girl of his own.

Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone.”

To raise in his image, a must,

so she’d be a girl he could trust.”

He’d sometimes call that boy by Sue

and there was nothing I could do.”

Took him under my wing, as such

though he longed for his father’s touch.”

It was five years ‘fore our girl came;

his girl he could finally name.”

And so Sue became Daddy’s girl

with cheeks to kiss and hair to curl.

Mom said it was a busy time

and that Terry felt left behind.

So he trailed behind big brother;

Mom’s first born son; like no other.

Who was named Ralph but nicknamed Mac.

Who would always have Terry’s back.

Before long they filled up their nest.

Dad kept Sue separate from the rest.

They grew up strong. They grew up smart.

But over time they grew apart.

After losing Dad their hearts broke.

Momma’s love wrapped them like a cloak.

But in time, they left one by one.

Their life’s work needing to be done.

Mac served in the U. S. Navy

and made Mother proud as could be.

Sue went on to be successful.

Marriage, career; life bountiful.

Younger girl, Kathy, moved out West.

The youngest, long sent from the nest.

And Terry, himself, came to be

successful too, with family.

I’ve known them now for many years.

Shared lots of laughter, lots of tears.

I’m the youngest sent from the nest.

Who found my Mom and all the rest.

Now inspired to write it down.

This bond of love which has us bound.

We lost Kathy and miss her joy.

And now, Terry, that little boy.

To all he gave his special love.

And now is with the rest above.

My heart feels my poor Momma’s grief.

Wishing I could provide relief.

But she is strong and will go on.

Always giving hope towards new dawn.

We all have her laugh, this I know

I hear her, through life, as I go.

Mom’s with us thru are daily do

and we are always with her too.

When I’m sad and tears fall like rain

I hear my Mother’s laugh again.

Our Mother; Mighty Momma Oak

opening up her loving cloak.

Little acorns wish for cuddles.

Momma keeps them safe from puddles.

For My Mother, my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews

and my daughters.

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