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Special Dad

Special Dad.

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Special Dad

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Special Dad

Sweet are the memories of times we’ve shared;
those which would show how much we cared

Always have I needed you there,
an endless desire with you to share.

So many things I’ve wanted to say,
always waiting for the perfect day.

And when those days would come around
I would go on, forever, silence bound.

Will I ever know why it couldn’t be
the way I needed it between you and me?

By seeking out the traits which I have gained
I found why the distance was maintained.

We are very much the same, you and I.
with hope, we may confide by and by.

For so many reasons I don’t feel complete.
So many times, I felt only defeat.

Sharing love by whispers was hard;
always there, underneath a façade.

You were my role model and I never knew.
Pattern myself after you I still do.

I need you, Dad, and I always will
Love you I do, and forever still.


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Bring Your Spectacles.

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Bring Your Spectacles

I walked in under the big top with such high expectation,

Just to find a variety of spectacles preened for admiration.

There, in front of me, with a microphone in hand,

directing tonight’s performance, was the ringmaster grand.

And on center stage was a calamity of sorts

A colorful bunch was communicating with primal snorts.

As the spectators looked on, the group performed their best

To gain favors and adulation from the crowd was their quest.

There was the tall man who believed he was the best

But superiority in height would be the only pin on his chest.

And displaying pathetic morality was indeed the fat lady,

with a tattoo on her lower back out for the entire world to see.

The dare devil attempting moves he was way too old to do

to capture some of his youth he was fighting to hang onto.

The beautiful trapeze artist weaving her magical spells,

Conjuring up emotion where forbidden desire dwells.

The thin man kept wiping his nose. “Does he have a cold?

Or is there another reason for this man to look so old?”

One entertaining site to see, though was the daring lady,

who was riding the ornery beast while it tried to set her free.

I kept on walking past the stage. I had seen enough, for now.

It was time for a refreshment to clear my head somehow.

At the counter I placed my order to the lady seller

And as I waited for my drink, I spoke to her; this fortune teller.

I asked, “Why it is so hard to find normal in amongst these freaks?”

And what she had to say to me would end up haunting me for weeks.

She simply looked up at me and said, “My dear, I know it’s tough.

It’s a jungle out there and navigating through it can get rough.

But hang in there, love, when it’s right, you will surely know.

Until then, keep an open mind and just enjoy the show.”

I took my drink, turned back around and there it was before me,

the vast array of characters strutting in a frenzy.

The craze and maze of searching souls, displaying all their gifts

Trying hard, themselves, to look past the cons and riffs.

The lions are all puffed up; full of foolish pride

roaring about the adventures they’d had, far and wide.

The tigers are pacing back and forth trying not to be seen

As they stalk their supposed prey thinking, “we’re so keen.”

The monkeys, they are tricky, this you can be sure.

They’ll play games with you and care not if they make you sore.

The elephants, with their clumsy feet, tromp all over you.

Never looking back at the mess they made and the cleanup left to do.

The snakes they slither about preparing to strike

At the next one that comes closest to what they like.

The bearded lady just sat in the corner taking it all in.

No shame in her game, just a lot of stubble on her hairy chin.

A couple was high, walking the tight rope without a net.

Not supporting each other in ways they would later regret.

The short man was offering to make fun of his size

Beating everyone to it, he thought, would be wise.

There were plenty of clowns to make everyone merry

so they continued to make fools of themselves, to my query.

I thought to myself, “If this is what it’s all about then I have had enough.”

I can’t take this anymore.  I am so sick of all this stuff!”

The lights came on and the music stopped. The show was at an end.

And the wayward beings were scrambling to make an instant friend.

Then the announcement came and it rang out loud and clear.

“It’s closing time. Be gone with you all because you can’t stay here.”

And as I left the bar that night I wondered why I came

Because every time I do, I find, it’s always just the same.

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Growing Pains End of Chapter One: Leaving Home Town.

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Even though her brother and she said it would be cool to just move the town home to the farm land still she would miss the fields and the river where she spent so much time by herself.

She had created a home for herself out there. Out there in the woods on both sides of “The Strawberry Path” as she called it. It was a place where she could call her own and be alone out of ear shot of her mother. She would lay in the fields and stare up at the clouds discovering one magical shape after another. She would build a mock fire and practice rain dances near the edge of the woods. She would find frogs, eat wild strawberries, pick Indian paint brush flowers and rub them on her cheeks, put buttercups under her chin and pluck daisies. “He loves me, he loves me not?”

She played with all the kids on her street and had been so close to them even babysat by some. It was all such a part of how she was, as much as, who she was.

She would find her father in the garden and spent time with him. She would always find any way she could to spend any time with her father. He seemed to always be working. His job took him away at night now and after he would get home in the morning he would go out and work in the garden and sometimes he would be working in his workshop in the cellar. He had worked so hard to maintain and improve their home over the years; even putting in a three-car garage and a basketball court area for her brother.

They were such a part of the house and the house a part of them.

She would take those memories and all the rest with her as she packed up her room and said good bye to that very meaningful part of her life that had been so bittersweet.

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Growing Pains Chapter One Cont. Leaving Home Town.

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