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If the Innkeeper Had Been a Woman

Would Jesus Have Been Born in a Manger?

Kat McMann

She knew they would have to rest for the night.

He led them on by the stars’ brilliant light.

When those weary two came to Bethlehem

if the innkeeper had been a woman

would Jesus have been born in a manger

or would she have found room for a stranger?

She’d invite them in to her cozy place

and witness relief wash over their face.

Settles them down at her humble table

and shares with them all that’s available.

A jug of milk, warm bread from the oven.

Demonstrating her love and compassion.

She cares for them, as other guests look on.

They are moved by her selfless devotion

to a young couple in a family way

who clearly did not have the means to pay.

As the couple sat with their heads bowed low

they thanked this kind keeper who helped them so.

Their spirits humbled and their voices meek.

The young woman shook. She was cold and weak.

The innkeeper then stoked up the fire

and each kind act began to inspire.

When they saw her take the shawl from her back

each guest opened first their heart then their sack

and sacrificed all that they had to give.

They’d do their part to help this couple live.

The grace they showed continued through the night

The blessed two becoming three by dawn’s light.


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