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Kat McMann

A young man set out on a journey one day
To fulfill his dreams would take him far away.

He had hopes of riches, of glory and of fame.
He had hopes that someone special would take his name.

So he eagerly strode down the road by the river’s edge
through the forest and along the mountains’ ledge.

And in the autumn he came to a village fair.
Both hungry and tired he slowed down his mare.

The townspeople looked up, at him, in great awe.
Though weary from travel he appeared without flaw.

They took him in, they fed him and they gave him a bed.
But in spite of their kindness he felt only dread.

It had been many months since his quest first began
And yet he had nothing to show for being a man.

Then when news of dragon danger reached the village
Fear brought chaos; the riots and acts of pillage.

Anticipating doom; the town went into turmoil.
The man watched on and to none would be loyal.

Though the town had cared for him in the past
The help he could give them, at this time, would not last.

A task too trivial for him to bother with,
He set out again leaving the town quite bereft.

He swiftly dashed down the road by the river’s edge
through the forest and along the mountains’ ledge.

Passing through each village he would find just the same.
He would help them prepare then leave and all knew his name.


Upon yet another village he came in the month of December.
Though what he was searching for he could no longer remember.

He entered the castle of the land that day.
Where there lived the King, the Queen and their daughter, Mae.

His attraction to the Princess took him quite by surprise
Beauty such as hers he had heard about only in lies.

Never had he seen such a woman as this before.
And in spite of himself he felt a need to go forth never more.

In his arms he longed to hold her, on her lips he longed to kiss.
And by Spring, they found each other wrapped in true love’s bliss.

And though she smiled so gently her eyes held such sadness.
For their kingdom had been under the same considerable stress.

The tale of woe, the King began to tell
Of the wicked dragon, that not far from the kingdom did dwell.


The young man saw this as a chance to prove to Mae,
that he was her gallant warrior and the beast would rue the day.

Onward he went until he found a cave deep in the forest
where he approached the fearless dragon lying asleep in his nest.

Startled the beast rose up but was no match for the sword
drawn from the man’s belt where it once had been stored.

Though the beast, that had terrorized the land, was dead at last,
There were no great tales to regale for it had all happened so fast,

His soul unfulfilled, upon his faithful horse he did climb,
And by leaving his conquest he left his glory behind.

Solemnly following the road by the river’s edge
Through the forest and along the mountain’s ledge.


Most of him made it back to the castle but lost to him was his pride.
Who could not have done the same, as he, throughout the kingdom wide?

The woman who loved him so ran to his side.
He received her, and all praise for him, simply in stride.

He left her behind though she loved him so.
He left the kingdom and further on this futile quest he would go.

Venturing aimlessly down the road by the river’s edge
Through the forest and along the mountain’s ledge.

Many years had passed him by and his hair turned to gray.
His loyal mare he had long since laid to rest by the bay.

He stopped to take pause up against a weeping willow.
And found its base served his head well as a pillow.


Lonely and weary from the life he had led,
Finally, began to realize as he held his head.

All he had searched he had indeed found.
Though he cast it all aside always and forever glory bound.

His arrogant attempts at a life was just that
And those daunting thoughts struck him right where he sat.

His story of triumph, his story of true love;
All a man could ever have hoped for from the heavens above.

Lost on him blindly those gifts he could never retrieve
And for this world that had blessed him so he had nothing to leave.

Defeated, he laid his weary soul down underneath the weeping tree
And then, only then, from this journey would he now be set free.


The End

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