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Seeking The Squeaking

Seeking The Squeaking.

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Seeking the Squeaking
By Kat McMann

As he lay in bed he could hear a squeak coming from somewhere in the house. He was too engrossed in the show on T.V. to give it much of a thought. Where was she, he wondered, as he lay there alone going over the day’s events in his mind. Why was she so cold to him these days. He didn’t understand what was happening between them. She seemed shut off for some reason and he couldn’t figure out why.

As the network broke for a commercial he turned down the volume, threw back the bed covers and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He could hear that squeaking again. He scratched his head.

“Hey honey, where are you? You coming to bed?” he shouted out the open bedroom door.

As she heard his voice, she paused, hand frozen over her mouse and the squeaking stopped. She had to move quickly. She could hear her her husband moving through the house. She said a swift good night to her lover and closed her PC down. She tidied up her desk and took a deep breath. Shaking out her hair she put on her best face to face him.

As he was coming down the hallway to find out if she was ever coming back to bed with him again, she was making herself a mental note.

“I must get myself a pad for this mouse first thing in the morning!”

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The Proverb Project "B".

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oooo there are so many good ones to chose from in the B’s…

• Behind every great man, there is a great woman
• Better late than never
• Blood is thicker than water
• Boys will be boys

and I could volumes about them…but I’ve decided to look into this one:

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

Stay tuned……


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The Proverb Project Actions speak louder than words.

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The Proverb Project
Actions speak louder than words

Do they?

When I paused to consider this statement I agreed at first then I began to think about all the famous speeches in our history and thought about just how powerful words can be.

I pulled up The Gettysburg Address, the “I Have a Dream” speech, The Emancipation Proclamation and JFK’s Inaugural Address.
I considered the influences of great people through their words and how their words have inspired action and still do to this day.

I looked into the vast information available on heroes…

what makes a hero?
the circumstances in which a person finds themselves in and how they react to them.

who is a hero?
anyone who has risen, unselfishly, to an immediate call for action.

how many different types of heroes there are.
Many: from war heroes, heroes of reform, heroes in a medical capacity, emergency responders and our everyday, regular people heroes.

Does one person’s actions “speak louder” than another’s words?

If we are talking about simple “lip service” then yes one’s actions speak louder than one’s words if there is to be no action to follow up one’s words (promises).

But aren’t both actions and words capable of making a difference?

So my conclusion is this:

It always matters what we say and do.
Influencing and inspiring, we have the power to.

A hero, when we rise instead of run.
Sighting when those “callings” come.

Actions speak loud but words do too.
Think of some that have influenced you.

How do you inspire throughout your day?
Remember it always matters what we do and say.

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(a series of haikus)

By Kat McMann

At the ocean’s edge,
stopped by to meditate,
searching for answers.

With the ebbing tide
it’s hard to get sure footing
upon moving sand.

Can’t quiet my mind
enough to hear a message
carried on the wind.

Changing my footing
it was then I realized
that was my message.

Through life, tides come in
and move you from where you are,
causing imbalance.

Yield to the movement
then renew stability
finding your foothold.

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Humble Pie

Humble Pie.

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Humble Pie

Humble Pie
by Kat McMann

I will grumble
when I fumble.

But will tumble
if I’m able.

Or will stumble,
feel a jumble.

When I bumble
I will mumble

want to rumble?
like a dumbbell.

Then I’ll crumble
goes this fable.

Pie’s served humble
at this table.

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