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When we had gathered I’d heard told

Dad wished for a daughter to mold.

He planned to name her Sue”, Mom said.

She blessed him with a son instead.

So named, Terrance, was baby boy,

Terry, for short, his Momma’s joy.

And time passed”, Mom went on to say,

but love did not, to my dismay.”

He wanted a girl of his own.

Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone.”

To raise in his image, a must,

so she’d be a girl he could trust.”

He’d sometimes call that boy by Sue

and there was nothing I could do.”

Took him under my wing, as such

though he longed for his father’s touch.”

It was five years ‘fore our girl came;

his girl he could finally name.”

And so Sue became Daddy’s girl

with cheeks to kiss and hair to curl.

Mom said it was a busy time

and that Terry felt left behind.

So he trailed behind big brother;

Mom’s first born son; like no other.

Who was named Ralph but nicknamed Mac.

Who would always have Terry’s back.

Before long they filled up their nest.

Dad kept Sue separate from the rest.

They grew up strong. They grew up smart.

But over time they grew apart.

After losing Dad their hearts broke.

Momma’s love wrapped them like a cloak.

But in time, they left one by one.

Their life’s work needing to be done.

Mac served in the U. S. Navy

and made Mother proud as could be.

Sue went on to be successful.

Marriage, career; life bountiful.

Younger girl, Kathy, moved out West.

The youngest, long sent from the nest.

And Terry, himself, came to be

successful too, with family.

I’ve known them now for many years.

Shared lots of laughter, lots of tears.

I’m the youngest sent from the nest.

Who found my Mom and all the rest.

Now inspired to write it down.

This bond of love which has us bound.

We lost Kathy and miss her joy.

And now, Terry, that little boy.

To all he gave his special love.

And now is with the rest above.

My heart feels my poor Momma’s grief.

Wishing I could provide relief.

But she is strong and will go on.

Always giving hope towards new dawn.

We all have her laugh, this I know

I hear her, through life, as I go.

Mom’s with us thru are daily do

and we are always with her too.

When I’m sad and tears fall like rain

I hear my Mother’s laugh again.

Our Mother; Mighty Momma Oak

opening up her loving cloak.

Little acorns wish for cuddles.

Momma keeps them safe from puddles.

For My Mother, my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews

and my daughters.

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“Bring Your Spectacles”


I walked in under the big top with sky-high expectation,
to find a variety of spectacles preened for admiration.

Orchestrating the night with microphone in hand
and skipping around was the ringmaster grand.

And there on center stage was a calamity of sorts.
a colorful bunch, interacting with primal retorts.

As spectators looked on, they performed their best.
To gain favors and adulation, from the rest, was their quest.

The beautiful trapeze artist weaving her magical spells,
Conjuring up passion from where forbidden desire dwells.

The dare devil attempting moves he could do no more
Trying to find the youth he’d already lost some time before.

And there displaying pathetic morality was the fat lady,
a tattoo on her lower back, out, for all the world to see.

There was the tall man who believed he was the best.
But impressive height would be the only pin upon his chest.

The short man was offering to make fun of his size
Beating everyone else to it, he thought, would be wise.

The thin man kept wiping his nose. Does he have a haunt?
Or is there another reason for this man to look so gaunt?

A couple was high, walking the tight rope without a net.
Not supporting each other in ways they would later regret.

One entertaining site to see was that daring lady,
who was riding the ornery beast as it tried to set her free.

I walked on past the stage. I had seen enough, for now.
It was time for a refreshment to clear my head somehow.

At the counter I placed my order to the all-knowing spirit seller.
And as I waited for my drink, spoke to her; this fortune teller.

I asked, “Why it is so hard to find normal in amongst these freaks?”
And what she had to say would keep me reaching for those peaks.

She simply looked at me and said, “My dear, I know it’s rough.
It’s a jungle out there and surviving it can be tough.
But hang in there, luv, when it’s right, you’ll surely know.
Until then, open your heart and just enjoy the show.”

I took my drink, turned back around and so it was before me,
the vast array of characters all strutting in a frenzy.

There were plenty of clowns there to make everyone merry
so they continued to make fools of themselves, to my query.

A craze and maze of searching souls displaying all their gifts.
They, themselves, were trying hard to look past the cons and riffs.

But there the lions were all puffed up with boastful pride
with long tales and their midriffs just as wide.

And the tigers pacing back and forth so as not to be seen
stalk their prey thinking to themselves, “we’re so keen.”

The monkeys, they are tricky and this you can be sure.
They’ll play games with you and care not if they’ve made you sore.

The elephants, with their clumsy feet will tromp all over you.
Never looking back at the damages or the cleanup left to do.

The snakes they slither about while preparing to strike
At the next victim that comes closest to what they like.

The bearded lady just sat in the corner taking it all in.
There was no shame in her game, just a lot of hair on her chinny, chin chin.

I thought to myself, “If this is what it’s all about then

that’s it!

I have had enough.

I just can’t take it anymore. I am fed up with all this….


…… stuff!”

Then the lights came on. The music stopped. The show was at an end.
And wayward beings were scrambling to make an instant friend.

The ring master tipped his hat and stated loud and clear.
Home or not, it’s up to you but you can’t stay here.”

And as I left the bar that night I wondered why I came
‘cause each and every time I do I find it just the same.

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