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Facebook Page for my upcoming books.


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Facebook Page for my upcoming books.

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Come and visit my facebook page and “like” it if you like it!!


Two of the ten Children’s books I wrote are coming out next month and purchasing information will be available soon!

My best,

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The Rose Facade

The Rose Facade.

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The Rose Façade
Kat McMann

Most delicate flower so cherished and loved,
constantly yearning for the wonder above.

Gentle are its petals so soft to the touch.
Rich are its colors; captivating as such.

Sure to be admired and held very sacred.
always kept safe from those who will tread.

The thorns they prick when one least expects.
Knowing not why the fragility it protects.

Some may draw blood makes beholder aware
of the two-sided wonder that wants only to share.

Holding the beauty; accepting the thorns.
An everlasting affair from pure love is born.

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