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Growing Pains Chapter One: Leaving Home Town.

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Leaving Home Town

It had been a long winter, one of displacement, one of isolation and one of uncertainty but it was now April. The snow was starting to melt under the warmth of the spring sun and so brought a sense of renewed hope to her, to all of them.

“Annie, can you come down here?” she heard her mother call.

She put down her book. “I’m coming, Mom.”

Her family had moved to this farm ten miles outside of town, a week before Christmas, from the quaint town where she had lived since she was four.

It was her mother’s dream to raise animals and grow her own food. She had wanted to live on a farm ever since her stepfather had moved her and her mother to his farm when she was twelve. But it wasn’t her dream.

They had been in the grocery store not too long ago. Her father’s company was on strike and Mom was adding up the groceries as she went. They were at the meat counter when her mother gasped at the prices but were in the grocery checkout line when she turned to Annie and said. “Geez Anne, meat prices are getting so high we really need a farm.”

It sounded like a neat idea at the time. The reality of that statement and what all that entailed she would learn, all too well, soon enough. Then what seemed like a few innocent Sunday drives in the country turned into packing up the home of her childhood.

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