Metatarsal Mojo by Kat McMann.


Metatarsal Mojo
by Kat McMann


Why my feet could use some rubbin’
Why my feet need some lovin’…..

My feet are sweet.
My feet are neat.
My feet can even send a tweet!

My toes are bitty.
My toes are pretty.
My toes can even strum a ditty.

My arches’ steep.
My arches’ deep.
My arches even help me leap!

My heels aren’t great, though.
My heels’ rough, I know.
My heels they tend to ache so.

My feet now feel like tar.
My feet need some R&R
My feet still have to take me far.

My feet need some lovin’.
My feet need some Zen.
My feet need to feel alive once again.

So you guys could be pals
And say to your gals.
For you, I’ll rub those metatarsals.


Where’s Heaven? by Kat McMann.

Where’s Heaven?

by Kat McMann


Everything was good; everyone happy.

Now everything has changed deep inside me.


I am feeling sad and I’m feeling mad.

I can’t understand why this hurts so bad.


I want to believe this only happens

in the books read to me after napping.


In those, I learned we all go to heaven.

One day we’ll be with our loved ones again.


But I’m still feeling sad and feeling mad.

I can’t understand why this hurts so bad


And when I have to go to bed at night

I lay there and shut both my eyes up tight.


I try to picture Heaven in my mind.

where the ones I’ve lost, again, I will find.


And for a moment I feel so happy.

Peace, like a blanket, has wrapped around me.


Like a hug from Heaven to ease my pain.

And I can’t wait to see them all again.


But I have to wait for it’s not my time

‘Til then I’ll picture Heaven in my mind.


But it was theirs and only God knows why.

He promises I’ll see them by and by.


I feel my heart so heavy in my chest,

and a lump in my throat. I can not rest.


They all tell me it is okay to cry.

Will I be able to stop if I try?


I snuggle my face into my pillow.

My eyes fill up with tears and let them go.


My pain is so cold but my tears are warm.

More promises He will keep me from harm.


With each new day so begins a new start.

Loved ones are close if they live in your heart.

Got Spring?

Kat McMann

The winter has us in its grip
Can’t wait to hear icicles drip.

Though pine trees glisten diamond-like
My mind drifts to a nature hike.

There are banks of snow piled high
I look around and deeply sigh.

I know that Spring is on its way
It won’t be long before the day

I hear the song of early dawn
welcoming robins to the lawn.

I’ll throw the curtains open wide
feeling the warmth of the sun’s pride.

Draw in the arousing incense
and feel the peace of present tense.

Go ahead and sing for me, Spring!
Wishing you would give up some bling.

But for now how long will it last,
I ask, with storms in the forecast.

Hunker down and hold family close
is my plan for another dose.

Cabin fever or winter blues,
despite the name, it offers clues.

It’s time for rejuvenation
and lift-up illumination.

Winter’s been giving a good run.
Who’s with me when I say….. WE’RE DONE!


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