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Soul Mates Forever

Soul Mates Forever.

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Soul Mates Forever

Soul Mates Forever

All of a sudden, she was aware she was dreaming.  She loved dreaming. There she was skipping and dancing through a field full of wild flowers with the sun shining down on her face. She was happy in her dream. She hadn’t been happy in a long time.  Not until she had met a man online whom she believed was her soul mate and the man she had been looking for her whole life.  The sun was so bright she had to close her eyes. When a big, puffy cloud passed in front of it she opened them again.

As soon as her eyes opened she saw the light.  It was a big, round light shining down on her. She tried to turn her head to look around but the doctor who was standing next to her bed, patted her shoulder and said, “Welcome back”.

She looked up at him, confused at first, and then her memories came flooding into her mind and the tears streamed down her face.

She had been on her way to meet her love, for the first time, the night before.  The last thing she remembered about the accident was seeing the truck that was trying to avoid a deer, approaching on her side of the road.

“I know you’ve been through a lot”, he continued, ” but rest assured I was able to repair the damages caused to your face”.

As he handed her a mirror, she gazed at the reflection.

How could this be?

It was……… of him.

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I'm Awful Glad I'm Not A Bug.

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I’m awful glad I’m not a bug;

to go through life without a hug.

If I were to be a mouse,

I’d make my home in someone’s house.

However, if I were a cat

I’d eat so much that I’d be fat.

Well then, I’d have to be a dog

so I could teach that lazy cat to jog.

I think I’d want to be a pig

so I could show them both the jig.

But maybe if I was a goat

I would find out if I could float.

Though if I were to be a cow,

to jump, I would show them somehow.

Perhaps, if I could be a horse

I’d be the fastest on the course.

To imagine is so much fun.

Do you have a favorite one?

As for me, I can plainly see

I am happy to be just me.

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Growing Pains

Growing Pains.

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Growing Pains


Well, if I’m going to think about it and I’m going to cry about and I’m going to talk about it (to the chosen or needing ones) then it about time I write about it!

You know if someone has a lot of unresolved feelings which create unsettling thoughts and those unsettling thoughts are put into therapeutic writings and those therapeutic writings are bound into a book and that book becomes in demand and sells then the long suffering soul can be considered a “writer”. But for that person it means, first of all, validation and then perhaps a dream fulfilled and with all that comes the bounty, insuring self-sufficiency and independence and then the best of all; one’s own sense of personal triumph. For those on the outside it might be seen as having achieved success which can lead to reverence and respect and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’m inspired by the greats; the tortured souls who can’t find peace; Hemingway, Platt, Poe and also the contemporary cynical and satirical writers with a flair for capturing the heart murmurs of these modern times; the ever hopeful romantics and my new found favorites, in all fairness, the writers of a very popular show about four friends lives. Yes, I do realize that I am, as usual, about a decade too late to that party. Regardless, I do believe it is the main character, the writer that has me feeling some renewed hope and exuberance that I so desperately require to achieve my personal triumphs.

I was always meant to be a writer. I realize over and over again that I am the one holding myself back from my dreams, my goals; my success.

It’s like that feeling I had when I was leaving my teens and entering my twenties when I had one of those talks with my Mom over folding laundry together. I described, to her, the feeling I was having inside comparing it to a chick just breaking out of its’ shell and its’ only perspective being the only world it knew until it reached out and when it reached out it opened up to itself a whole new world.

Okay, so I’m also a what, a curious and motivated intellect, a former “making smiles for the rocking chair” adventurer (what happened to that person?), a private poet, an accomplished clarinet player, a closet athlete and pool player, a “beat-the-odds” singer, a drummer, quite by accident, a wan-a-bee ballerina, an amateur skier, skater, artist, counselor and life coach, a second rung corporate gal, always a rose by another name…still a rose? Okay, I’m also, on the surface of it all: a mother who buried one and brought two more (preemies fifteen years apart), to fruition, if you will. p.s. I just like that word it kind of sums everything up. I’m a bookkeeper, a tax return preparer, a beauty supply representative, a Girl Scout leader, a homeschooling Mom, the matriarch of a family of eight, and an entrepreneur.

On this day I have decided to “put it in writing”; put my mouth where my money is! It has already proven to be potentially the hardest thing I’ll ever do and the most painful, necessary release of emotions for the supreme therapeutic experience of my life thus far.

I am probably going to break all the rules of writing but you know what… it’s just going to have to be that way. It has to come out and I simply can’t stand on ceremony.



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